Are you scared of a dog?

I  have been reading and researching interviews with burglars and all of them mention that they will not break into a house or business with a barking dog inside.

Most people will have no problem answering this question. And I bet that most of you will say no.

But there is a difference in when I would ask this question.
Picture yourself in front of a door and you hear a big dog barking behind the

how much does home security cost

This is on of the problems I hear a great deal in my shop
And like so many times there is a simple response and a complicated response

The easy solution could be something like: equally much as you wish to invest

However when you reside in a twelve stories improving the top floor there are other points to take in factor to consider.

Exactly what I am attempting to say is that it all depends upon your particular scenario and situations.

Do we need home security or not

A home security system is a powerful hindrance to burglars. Home security is a matter that we all really need to give some extensive thought. If you make robbing your house a loud job, you can probably also up your home security.

Stun-Guns For Personal Protection

3 Reasons To Use A Stun-Guns For Personal Protection

It’s a dangerous world that we live in. You need to do all that you can to make sure that you’re protected. There is no better tool or weapon out there than stun-guns for personal protection. Here are three reasons why a stun-gun is on of the most effective ways to defend your self from an attacker.

It’s Easy To Learn

Using stun-guns for personal protection is as easy as pointing and shooting. You can train at any shooting range, or take a dedicated class. Tasers are very easy to handle, and you don’t need all of the qualifications that come with holding a gun. They are the absolute best items on the market when it comes to keeping yourself safe. You never know what potential criminals are going to bring to the fight, having the best possible non-lethal weapon available is absolutely crucial.

It’s Non-Lethal

For many people, gun ownership is just not an option, which is why they turn to stun-guns for personal protection. The idea of killing someone, even someone that is assaulting you in some way, is more than a great deal of people want to deal with. That’s why a stun-gun is such a great option: it’s non-lethal. At most, it will incapacitate your assaulter long enough for you to run away or for help to arrive. It can even act as a deterrent, make it known that you have one and many will back off. Preventing harm whenever possible is the key here, and the taser is the best way to do that.

You Can Take It Anywhere

Tasers that are available to the public are compact, easy to keep concealed, and quick to reload/recharge. We don’t get to choose when someone is going to try to commit a crime against us, so having a convenient deterrent/protection piece is crucial. You can keep a taser in your pocket, in your jacket, or even in your purse without anyone knowing it it there.

The choice is clear. If you don’t already have a stun-gun you are putting yourself at risk. Buy one and give yourself the peace of mind that you deserve.

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C & E Security has stun guns available for any situation.

Diversion Safes At Home

Using Diversion Safes At Home

When you pick the right concealment device to use in your home, you are going to be able to literally hide your valuables right in plain sight. Many people today are looking to keep money and valuables in diversion safes at home as a way to trick potential burglars. Often times, keeping something right in plain sight is the best possible way to trick a potential burglar and lead them away from the items that you are trying to hide.

Does this look like a hidden safe?

An Electronic Barking Dog Alarm Systems

If you're looking for low-cost, 24-hour protection from home intruders, you should consider purchasing an electronic barking dog alarm. 

This type of alarm provides the kind of protection that is highly rated by security experts. No regular maintenance is required and there are no monthly alarm fees. Unlike other types of alarm systems, you can actually take this one with you when you travel for protection in your hotel room or RV.

Home security experts agree that a barking dog is one of the best deterrents against home intrusion. Burglars and thieves are looking for the easy score. They are not interested in tangling with an angry animal, nor do they want any noise that would attract attention.

Online Safety For Children

When we hear the words child safety a lot of things will probably go through our minds since this is such a broad subject.
The safety of our children is the most important thing in a parent’s life.
We will do anything to keep our children safe and unharmed.

Unfortunately we are not able to keep an eye on them day and night.
To help us out there are many products available that are categorized under the subject child safety.
Sometimes it is hard to find the best product for your need and we could use some advice.

Internet safety for children.

One of the subjects I want to talk today is about internet safety.
Although there are many discussions going on about the privacy of our children it is my personal opinion that too many parents have no idea what their kids are doing online.