Stun Gun Versus Pepper Spray

In the world of self defense product there is an forever going on discussion.
What is more effective, a pepper spray or a stun gun.

I am sure that I can not answer that question because it is like the chicken and the egg story.

I all depends on your specific situation and what you prefer to use for self defense.

The pros of a pepper spray are:

  • You do not have to be close to your attacker
  • Very affordable
  • Very small and easy to hide
  • Available in many shapes and forms

    The pros of a stun gun are:

  • Comes in many shape and sizes
  • Most people know the effect
  • The sound alone scares people of

    As you can see it is not easy to choose between a pepper spray or a stun gun.

    Find out what is better for you - stun gun or pepper spray.

    Reason for us to writ a whole extended article on our website about the pepper spray information and facts. In this article we tell you all there is to know
    about this very effective non lethal self defense product that you can carry on you at all times to incapacitate your attacker and go for help.

    The second article is named stun gun information and facts and this one will tell you and answer every question you ever had about how and why of stun guns.
    Including advice on the best ones to use in many situations. You will find that a lot of people have their facts wrong when it comes to carrying a stun gun for self defense.

    After reading these two articles you are now knowledgeable enough to make your choice or at least go to our store to have a look at all the different types and models to choose from.

    If you still have questions after that you can always contact us through our email page.

Online Store Moved And New Name

The success of our business forced us to makes some changes.
We found that we had way to many products and had to reduce them to being able to stay in control of the whole inventory, shipping and handling and more

We decided to focus on less products and after thinking about it for a long period of time we decided to sty within 3 categories.

These three categories still have their own sub categories like the flashlight stun gun in the stun gun category and the for woman category in the pepper spray category to mention two examples.

We also moved the site and give it a brand new look and even a brand new name.
Our new name is C&E Security and you can find us online under this name by clicking here
As you can see we also did a major update on the security of our store by adding an extra layer of security with the HTTPS instead of the regular HTTP. The S stands for secure.
although we do not handle you credit card information on our server but his is done on the very secure site of PayPal, we still have your name and email on our site. Although we always had to highest rated security software installed we decided to update to the most secure HTTPS to protect your identity.

With this update and move to a new name we hope you will give us the change to serve you even better than we did before.
By focusing on less products in less categories we are able to provide more quality and check the products we sell even better by giving them more attention.

Benefits Of A Stun Gun Flashlight Combo

Many people have a flashlight in their house or in their car for the event that they have a power outage at home or their car breaks down at night with something like a flat tire.

Other reason to carry a flashlight can be that if you take your dog for a walk and it is dark in the neighborhood or just to carry one on you for security.

Here is where the title of this article needs a little more information.
There are stun gun flashlight combo's available that can turn the flashlight you use for simple reasons like we mentioned above into a well performing self defense item and that it why I called it a combo.

I see no reason not to buy a stun gun that is build into a flashlight that is about the same price and in that same instant and for about the same amount of money can offer you a high level of personal security.

As you can see on the picture, and to be honest this is one of the larger flashlight stun guns, they look just like a normal flashlight and with one press on the button it turns into a high voltage stun gun that will incapacitated anyone who tried to attack you. The bright LED flashlight can also blind him at first.

We recommend that you have a look at this store for a high voltage flashlight stun gun:

There is a wide range available and there is always one that will fit in your car, pocket or even on you key-ring to offer you a lot of stunning protection for a low  price.

Are you scared of a dog?

I  have been reading and researching interviews with burglars and all of them mention that they will not break into a house or business with a barking dog inside.

Most people will have no problem answering this question. And I bet that most of you will say no.

But there is a difference in when I would ask this question.
Picture yourself in front of a door and you hear a big dog barking behind the

how much does home security cost

This is on of the problems I hear a great deal in my shop
And like so many times there is a simple response and a complicated response

The easy solution could be something like: equally much as you wish to invest

However when you reside in a twelve stories improving the top floor there are other points to take in factor to consider.

Exactly what I am attempting to say is that it all depends upon your particular scenario and situations.

Do we need home security or not

A home security system is a powerful hindrance to burglars. Home security is a matter that we all really need to give some extensive thought. If you make robbing your house a loud job, you can probably also up your home security.

Stun-Guns For Personal Protection

3 Reasons To Use A Stun-Guns For Personal Protection

It’s a dangerous world that we live in. You need to do all that you can to make sure that you’re protected. There is no better tool or weapon out there than stun-guns for personal protection. Here are three reasons why a stun-gun is on of the most effective ways to defend your self from an attacker.

It’s Easy To Learn

Using stun-guns for personal protection is as easy as pointing and shooting. You can train at any shooting range, or take a dedicated class. Tasers are very easy to handle, and you don’t need all of the qualifications that come with holding a gun. They are the absolute best items on the market when it comes to keeping yourself safe. You never know what potential criminals are going to bring to the fight, having the best possible non-lethal weapon available is absolutely crucial.

It’s Non-Lethal

For many people, gun ownership is just not an option, which is why they turn to stun-guns for personal protection. The idea of killing someone, even someone that is assaulting you in some way, is more than a great deal of people want to deal with. That’s why a stun-gun is such a great option: it’s non-lethal. At most, it will incapacitate your assaulter long enough for you to run away or for help to arrive. It can even act as a deterrent, make it known that you have one and many will back off. Preventing harm whenever possible is the key here, and the taser is the best way to do that.

You Can Take It Anywhere

Tasers that are available to the public are compact, easy to keep concealed, and quick to reload/recharge. We don’t get to choose when someone is going to try to commit a crime against us, so having a convenient deterrent/protection piece is crucial. You can keep a taser in your pocket, in your jacket, or even in your purse without anyone knowing it it there.

The choice is clear. If you don’t already have a stun-gun you are putting yourself at risk. Buy one and give yourself the peace of mind that you deserve.

For a full range of stun guns you can visit
C & E Security has stun guns available for any situation.